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Frequently Asked Questions

Zipline Experience

What is a zipline?

A zipline is a cable reaching between two fixed points (in our case trees and poles), that a participant zips on with a trolley that rests on the cable and is attached to the participant. The person can travel, or zip along from the start to the end of the cable, landing on a platform at the end of each zipline.

How safe is this?

The construction and operation of our zipline course meets or surpasses the Association for Challenge Course Technology’s (ACCT) standards. Our course was designed and installed by Synergo; a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of ACCT. Synergo also provides the training for our guides and completes our periodic course inspections. Daily inspections of the course and all equipment are done by the Denali Park Zipline Course Managers.

How many people are in a tour group?

Tour groups consist of a maximum of 10 participants and two guides. Ideal for Alaska family adventures.

What is the time length for the tour?

Approximately 3 hours from start to finish. This includes travel time to and from the Denali Canyon area.

How high off the ground will I be?

From 3 feet up to 50 feet; each individual zipline is different.

How many zip lines are on your tour?

There are 8 ziplines on the tour, including the dual racer ziplines. Tour participants ride 7 of the 8 zips.

Should I tip my guide? How much?

It is customary to tip your guides about 10% if they did a good job and you had a great time. Tips can be made on site in cash or even in the Tour Office after the tour by cash or credit card.

Will I be able to stop to take pictures?

There are designated stopping points during each tour (platforms). If the tour sees moose or other animals, the tour may halt briefly for observation. Tours do operate on a schedule; therefore, prolong stops will be discouraged. At any point during your tour, if you need to stop, simply alert a guide. Pictures/videos are allowed as long as cameras and/or phones can be secured to the body.

Will we see wildlife?

Yes! Maybe! No! This is not a zoo, so animals are not guaranteed – Moose, fox, porcupines, snowshoe hares, ptarmigan, eagles. Morning and late afternoon are typically best times.

What is the best time of the day to see the most wildlife?

During the summer, we have almost 24 hours of complete daylight, so no time is really better than another for animal spotting. Often rainy days bring out more moose, looking for relief from the direct sunlight. It seems that animals are more active early morning and later evening but there really is no difference!

Is the Zipline in Denali National Park?

The zipline course is just outside of Denali National Park but it is surrounded on 3 sides by the Park. On one of the best ziplines in Alaska, you will get a park experience same mountains, same animals, same taiga and tundra!

Can we see Denali from the trail?

Ziplining gives you a unique perspective and views of the Alaska Range from 40-50 feet high are awe-inspiring. Due to the position of the course along the Alaska Range, views of Denali are not possible.

I have never been ziplining before. Will I be able to do this?

Don’t worry; you’ll fit right in with most other participants! Our experienced and patient guides will happily facilitate your ziplining experience to make you as comfortable as possible.

What if I get scared? What if I am unable to continue the tour?

The guides will do what they can to make you comfortable and secure. If you feel you cannot complete the course, alert the guide. The best time to opt out is before you set foot on the course; as you continue, there are fewer and harder means to exit the course (repelling, zipping to exit, going back across bridges). If you are unable to start the tour, you will have to wait at the Zipline Pavilion for the tour to end.

What if I have an accident on tour?

For minor injuries (scrapes, splinters, cuts) first aid kits are located on each platform. Wearing the appropriate clothing and provided gear, as well as listening to guide instruction, will minimize the chance of minor injury. There is a ZERO TOLERANCY policy for risky and unsafe behavior – unclipping while on course, jumping from platforms, trust falls, leaning off platforms, cutting in line, any conduct or conversation deemed unsafe.

Are there restrooms at the Zipline?

Port-a-potties are located at the trailhead.

What if I need a restroom stop while the tour is going?

Alert the nearest guide and they will direct you to a good area.

What if I get stuck on the line?

Whether you are stuck just a short distance from the platform or you are stuck in the middle of the line, the guides will perform a retrieval and assist you in reaching the platform.

don’t want to go on the tour but I would like to watch my family. Can I follow the tour from the ground?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone who is not participating on course. The Zipline course is in a remote location and is not accessible to the general public. Seats on the ATVs to get back to the course are limited and reserved for participants only.


What is the age limit to go on the Zipline tour?

Children need to be at least 8 years old AND 70 pounds (32kg) in order to participate. Children/minors 8 to 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult on tour. Minors 16-17 years old must have parental permission to go on tour.

Why can’t children under 8 years old participate?

Much of the age limit is due to weighing enough to go on the zipline. Additionally, some elements of the zipline experience were not built to accommodate small children. Also, some small children may not be emotionally prepared for the psychological impact of the course – heights, wearing a restrictive harness, being suspended, wearing a helmet, listening to instructions, taking turns, etc.

My child is 15. Can he go Ziplining on his own?

No. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian on tour. By participating, we mean to join in on the actual tour alongside the youth. We do not consider following the tour on the ground as participating as there will be many spots in which the tour is not visible from the trails.

My child is 16. Can he go Ziplining on his own?

Yes. Parents/Guardians must give parental permission by signing the minor’s participation waiver before the tour departs.

What is the weight limit to go on the Zipline tour?

Children need to be at least 8 years old AND 70 pounds (32kg) in order to participate. Adults should be no more than 280 pounds (127 kg) upon pre-tour weigh in. This means 280 pounds (127kg) fully clothed, including shoes, not naked weight.

Why is there a weight policy?

The weight policy is for the safety of all participants. The zipline gear and the lines themselves are tested and given a weight limit. Participants under 70 pounds will not have enough momentum to reach the end of some of the lines and participants over 280 pounds may not be able to safely traverse the lines.

What if my 8 year old son/daughter weighs 50 pounds? Is this close enough?

Even though they are close, we still cannot allow them to participate. The weight restrictions are there for your safety and we are not able to make exceptions.

I weigh 280. Should I be concerned that I will not be able to go on tour?

Our absolute maximum weight (clothes, shoes, jacket) is 285lbs. Be aware that most people do gain weight on vacation. It may be best to wait to make a reservation until you can do a weigh-in in our Tour Office.

Health Requirements and Accommodations

I am pregnant. Can I go on tour?

Tours are not recommended for pregnant women. Consult a doctor before booking a tour.

I have had recent surgery. Can I go on tour?

Tours are not recommended for anyone who has had recent surgery or anyone with neck or back issues. Consult a doctor before booking a tour.

I have limited mobility. Can I still go on tour?

The course is moderately strenuous involving walking, climbing, stairs, hiking, ladder climb, and pulling.

Reservations & Policies

How far in advance do we need to make a reservation?

This depends on the season. Generally, during our summer season our tours fill up two to three months ahead of time so it is highly recommended that you book your tour at least a month in advance. If you are flexible with your schedule and have several days or times, it may be possible to book a tour a week to a few days in advance. If you have limited time, you should reserve your tour as soon as possible. Tours are capped at 10 participants and fill up quickly.

Can I pay in cash when we get there?

We take full payment at the time of the reservation. If you would like to pay in cash upon arrival, we will be happy to refund your credit card when you check-in.

Can you hold a spot for me?

Unfortunately, we do not reserve space on tours without full payment. Our tours are kept to a limited size and do fill up quickly during the season.

What is the cancellation policy?

To ensure a quality ziplinging experience, tours are offered by reservation only. Once you have booked your tour, we schedule guides and tour staff to be available to make your zipline adventure as amazing as possible. For this reason, we require a 72 hour (3 day) notice for cancellations and rescheduling of tours. We will work with you to reschedule another date that is more appropriate. Under 72 hours, changing the reservation day or time will incur a fee, 25% of the total tour bill. If you need to cancel entirely, we will provide a full refund with a 72 hour (3 day) notice.

Which is the better tour? Morning or Evening?

With almost 24 hours of daylight during most of our summer tours, there is no difference between the morning, afternoon, and evening departures! Choose which one fits into your schedule best. You may think that 8 am sounds early but consider time zone changes; most guests from the east coast are up early due to a 4 hour time change. Animals usually prefer the cool of the morning and evening to the heat of the middle of the day. Most of our tours have similar chances of seeing wildlife.

How do I give Parental Permission?

Parent or Guardian must sign the bottom of the underage participant’s waiver form. This form is available in the office and on our website. It can be emailed or faxed to us if the parents are not in state. Parent and/or Guardian do not have to go on the tour if their child is over 16 years and the parents sign the waiver form before the tour departs.

Who needs a signed waiver?

All participants must sign. All underage participants must have the additional parental permission portion signed.

What if I am running late?

If you are late for your tour or do not show up, you will not be refunded. As a company we will have incurred all the same expenses and will have sadly turned other guests away who wanted your spot. Be careful to plan well in advance for traffic and train/bus schedules.

Can I drive to the Zipline trailhead?

There is no parking available at the Zipline trailhead. If you are driving or staying locally and do not wish to come to the Tour Office in the Canyon, you will need to park at the Tri-Valley Gas Station for pickup.

Weather & Tour Conditions

Will I get dirty/muddy/wet?

Denali Park Zipline is an outdoor course, in the boreal forest, where the potential to get dirty or wet is always present. It is unlikely that you will get very dirty or muddy. Make sure to wear layers appropriate for the conditions and weather if you are concerned about your cleanliness and appearance.

What is the weather like in the summer?

During the summer, the temperature can be anywhere from 30-90 degrees and you may experience that all in the same day! There are multiple microclimates in the Denali region, making it difficult to predict the weather on any given day. The weather in the Canyon is often very different from the weather at the Zipline Course just 10 miles away. Summer is monsoon season and rain is expected. It is not uncommon for it to snow.

It’s cold. Are we still going on tour?

Zipline tours depart and continue in all conditions. Weather changes quickly in the Alaska Range so it’s best to be prepared for everything!

Do your run tours in the rain/snow?

Yes! We zip in most weather conditions and will make every effort to complete your tour as scheduled. If there is lightning or high winds associated with the rain storm, we will need to suspend and potentially cancel your tour. If your tour is completely cancelled due to weather, we are happy to rebook you or offer you a full refund.

Is it ever too windy to go ziplining?

If there are sustained winds of 30mph, the course may be closed either temporarily or for the day. If your tour is completely cancelled due to weather, we are happy to rebook you or offer you a full refund.

What to Wear or Bring

Wear clothing appropriate for all weather and conditions.

Layers are best in Denali, including a wind/rain layer. Wear comfortable clothing. We highly recommend long pants, but shorts are acceptable. If wearing shorts, the harness will be more comfortable if the shorts come down to at least mid-to lower-thigh.

Do I really need closed-toe shoes?

Yes! We will not be able to accommodate you on tour if you show up without closed-toe shoes. Although our platforms are angled for a comfortable landing, there is always the potential to stub your toes on impact. Also, shoes provide better grip than sandals on the wooden stairs, bridges, platforms and on the hike.

Can I wear my own glasses/sunglasses?

Glasses and sunglasses are allowed on course so long as they are attached to your person.

Do I have to wear a helmet? Can I bring my own helmet?

Helmets are required – we have a range of kids and adult sizes. Personal helmets are not allowed.

Can I wear a hat under the helmet?

Ball caps, hats with a brim of any type, and overly bulky hats are not allowed. Helmets are not designed to be worn with a hat underneath.

Can I bring a camera with me?

We do not recommend bringing anything with you that you cannot secure to your person. Anything that could fall off your person while ziplining or that would impair your ability to complete a zipline in a safe manner – that would be a distraction or hindrance – should not be brought on tour.

If you do bring a camera, it must be securely strapped to your person while on tour. Large cameras are not recommended. A small point-and-shoot camera will fit into a zippered pocket. iPhones can be secured with a phone harness available for purchase in the Tour Office and at the Course.

Can I take a bag with me?

No. We recommend that you only bring what you need and can secure to your person and leave the rest of your belongings in your hotel room. Personal belongings should not be left on the shuttle as it may not be the same shuttle to pick you up after your tour ends. Small personal items that cannot be secured to your person may be left in a locked box at the Zipline Pavilion.

Can I take drinks/snacks?

Drinks and snacks that cannot be secured to your person should be left behind. Chewing gum and eating while zipping is not allowed. Water will be available on course.